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Due to the current planetary transit, you are excitable and impressionable and this could cause you sensitive damages in your life because you are taking everything too seriously and that is not recommended Scorpio. One warning: do not launch into businesses with people you do not know well and who offer you a lot since you are now under a planetary effluvium that makes you very vulnerable to the manipulations and deceptions of opportunists.

The best happens in love because you regain that trust you thought you had lost. You will be particularly inflexible towards yourself, today, do not transpose on others. No matter if you feel tired, your morale will make the difference, and will easily compensate for late sleep. Feel free to ask your conditions if you have a deal with a case. The short lines of the contract must be read in due form.

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Highlight your ability to negotiate and defend your interests, this should not be a problem. Scorpio Love It involves your life with a romantic tone, essential to discuss matters of the heart with another person and let feelings flow without complexes, fears or inhibitions. Express yourself, Scorpio! The intrepidity that comes from the Moon in the air element will contribute to you feeling lighter in mind, less worried. You will complete details points this Tuesday, December 12th.

Imagine a clear path forward. Honor that today.

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Call a far-flung family member. They appreciate and need you more than you know. Patience for now.


Fear is your enemy today. Action over analysis is the way forward. Enjoy this new energy and inspiration, as it can lead you down important new paths for Today is a day to dig in and ask for what you want.

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Let's explore. Scorpio is nothing, if not fierce! Well, to put it simply, the Scorpions are strong, commanding, intense, passionate and zealous.

Scorpio Daily Horoscope December 12 2018

Driven, dedicated and loyal, they also are ambitious and security-loving. Inquisitive and ready to learn, Scorpio individuals are intelligent, motivated people, who can contribute amply to any project.

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